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New additions…to the family

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that my cat had passed away….well here are the cuties we have adopted! These were taken on the day they arrived.

This is Skyla


And this is Ninja



They are 5 months old, and came from a local rescue centre where they had been since August due to an outbreak of cat flu at the centre.  They are brother and sister and we have renamed them Ninja (he likes climbing!) and Skyla (scared and shy).  Ninja has settled in well as you can see from this photo


Skyla is still very nervous, but is coming out a lot more and can be found lying around the lounge more now


My 9 year old labrador has been absolutely brilliant with them….but he really cannot understand why Skyla is hissing and spitting at him!  He is having to have a bit of extra attention – but is taking full advantage of his labrador eyes as you can see  – to make me feel sorry for him.


So, these are the reason there hasn’t been much crafting going on!

Crafty hugs



13 thoughts on “New additions…to the family

  1. There’s so much cute in this post! Those kittens, plus your lab, too much XD But aren’t labs just fantastic with cats (maybe because they’re pushovers, at least mine was :D)

      1. Mine was a reject guide dog – he was the gentlest soul you could imagine, helped so many kids overcome their fear of dogs! And the current cat we have used to love snuggling up to him, even right under his head (think she was taking advantage of his blindness :D). I’m definitely more of a cat person (so much easier to take care of because they do it pretty much themselves, I’m just hear for petting xD) but if I were to get another dog, would definitely get another lab 🙂

  2. Too adorable! Or should I say Two Adorable?! Lab eyes – funny! They are like Gromit, aren’t they? Such expressive eyes and eyebrows! Hope you all have a great time.

  3. They are w good looking kitties you have there! I hope the kitties will warm up to your lab. We had a kitten come into our life in the Spring of ’03 and our dog was fascinated by him. Many a time we would say, “Daisy, get the kitty’s head out of your mouth!” That kitten would eat the dog food, and eventually Terry grew larger than Daisy. We would joke that it had to be the Puppy Chow!

  4. He’s been well trained by our previous cats! he just cannot understand why Skyla is hissing, but Ninja rubbed up against him last night – so I think they will be firm friends

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