Advent Countdown Week 1

So, as the holiday season is fast approaching, my thoughts have started to turn to decorations, in fact my thoughts are actually around how to kitten proof my christmas 🙂 The little monsters are growing fast and Ninja is putting on about 400g a week!  with his sister Skyla catching up.  I fear for the wildlife in my garden when they finally leave the house – as they are both rather too keen on watching the birds and bats swooping outside and pouncing on a feathered jingly toy I bought them.

So over the next 6 weeks I will be bringing you a project each week that you can complete in the run up to Christmas.

So in anticipation that they will be attacking anything on a tree, I figured I probably wouldnt want to be hanging my pretty glass decorations, so these quick and easy stars would make a lovely (replaceable) set of decorations.


So to make these you just need six pieces of 2 x 2 inch paper (5 x 5 cm) a length of ribbon and a bead.

Ideally, you need to use a paper with a small repeatable pattern and I like the use of double sided papers, This can be made using card, but it doesn’t fold as flat – card would be better if you were making a large version.

I hope you enjoy making these

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Crafty Hugs


Heidi x

5 thoughts on “Advent Countdown Week 1

  1. We bought “shatter proof” bulbs for our Christmas tree. They are made with plastic but look fancy enough. Paper ornaments might be tempting to my cats. They would bite them.

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