Ferrero Friday Double Ferrero Lindor Shaped Box

double-ferrero-lindor-shaped-box by Flutterbyheidi Heidi Smith Stampin up demonstrator  So it’s a pretty manic place in my house at the moment.  Life is upside down with elderly relatives very poorly in hospital and others struggling with mobility, and we are still worrying about my nephew who has a brain tumour…he is doing very  well but lots of treatment still in the pipeline.  As a result of all of this I seem to be spending a lot of time toing and froing, mentally as well as physically.  My full time job is pretty busy with new system development underway too, so I’m a bit of a swan at the moment…..calm on top…but paddling furiously under water.  Still I do find my crafting is the perfect antidote – even if it is snatched moments of time, it is a proven way to help get your life back in balance – the focus needed while crafting is a perfect mindfulness activity…. so I do try to get at least one session a week whether it be personal crafting or one of my classes.

This is a project I have been planning for a while – Lindor shaped boxes to hold more Ferrero…this one holds two – but I plan a three size one soon and others too if you would like ?



are on the video, but I will add the written dimensions as soon as I can



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6 thoughts on “Ferrero Friday Double Ferrero Lindor Shaped Box

  1. Praying for your family members, Heidi – I know how it can play havoc on your own life when others are suffering. Not sure if you can, but would love to try this little box, but need the measurements in inches – if you can! Thanks and God bless!

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