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Times they are a changing…..

So, I’ve recently been looking at my business and work-life balance and how best I can reward my customers but also continue to share my creative projects and so I am making a few changes that I hope will work for all of my customers and fans.

I will continue to produce a range of projects using Stampin’ Up! products (yes Ferrero Friday and Sunday Scoring are both continuing) and share my finished creations both online and in my classes, however they will not always be provided free of charge to everyone.

For my class attendees and online customers I am creating a new Very Important Customers (because you all are !) Facebook Group which will be a closed group where I will upload the instructions and videos for ALL of my paid for projects.  This will be open to those who have purchased in the previous six months.

For those who shop with other demonstrators (and indeed for demonstrators) if a project is one that I have created that I have designed myself, or where I have created my own uniquely sized version.  I will be sharing a photograph of the project and a video explaining the products used.  There will then be a tutorial (PDF and video) available to purchase for £5 with dimensions in both Cms and inches.

Why am I doing this?  Well, I want to provide unique projects for my customers and classes but this takes time and ultimately time is money…this is in part reimbursed through class fees and sales, but it is then unfair on my face to face customers if they see these being provided free to others.  I also want to reward those who shop with me online – but are too far away to attend classes.  I am also contacted by many demonstrators who want permission to use my unique projects with their own customers and classes…..there are also some that are copying and reproducing without my permission, recognition or reimbursement.

Where I am sharing my take on a card fold, treat box or projects and I am not varying the dimensions my free tutorials and measurements will continue to be provided so that you can CASE to your heart’s content, and I will continue to link to where I got the tutorial or information.

Hopefully this will work for us all

Crafty Hugs


Heidi x

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  1. Ms. Smith, i am 100% in favor of an artist earnig a living from their art, and you certainly are an artist. Since I live in the United States, I cannot, sadly, be your customer, but I am a fan. I have enjoyed your “how tos” so much, and since I began watching them at the beginning of my card making journey, you have had great influence on my style. I will continue being a subscriber and a fan, and I wish you great success in your business.
    Thank you for all your generosity.

  2. I agree totally with Lynne! You’re pieces are show-stoppers! I always get excited when I have an e-mail from you. It’s the last one I open, because I’m waiting to savor it. Blessings on this chapter of your endeavor! I look forward to seeing more of your work for CASE-ing. Thank you for making your tutorials available for world wide purchase!

  3. I am an SU demonstrator in name only, just in it for the discount and although I will miss all your wonderful videos I applaud you on your decision. Thank you for everything you have taught me.

  4. Heidi, I am a fan of yours from Peoria, Arizona, USA. You are so talented and It’s a great idea to make some profits off of your unique projects. I look forward to seeing what you produce! I’m also relieved to read you will have world-wide payments! On a side note, are you scheduled for anymore SplitCoast Stampers tutorials? It was nice seeing you on that forum!

    Take care.
    Jann Schott

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