Follow your dreams : in pink and grey

   I am so glad I got ahead with my crafting – we have had a heatwave for the last few weeks in the UK, so I have spent hardly any time in my craft space (the corner of a small room), I am hoping for a few days of cooler weather to create some of the 3D projects I have designed in particular!  Although I am also somewhat occupied with our house guest at the moment….my sister in law’s 6 month old Golden Retriever!  I had forgotten how exhausting having a puppy in the house is….and that you need eyes in the back of your head!



Here is the little chap…enjoying a cardboard box!

However before he arrived, I did get to make this second card using this bundle with the use of layered die cuts and some pretty repeat stamping and die cutting of the feathers.  The die is great, because in one cut it cuts both the pair and single feather…fewer turns of the Big Shot required! Looking at it now – the dreamcatcher looks a bit wonky…although it might just be the photography angle!



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