Tag it Tuesday #2 Love bug

I don’t know about you, but I have very little time to craft in the week, so anything I need in the way of cards, tags or packaging has to be made in advance or quick! I am usually pretty organised with the wrapping paper, but I’m not always impressed with the matching tags. Well, I promised myself I would try and make sure I made some in advance and I thought I would share them with you.  My first ones were in March, so I am a bit overdue. I can’t promise a tag every Tuesday but I will try and make a couple a month from now on and I I will hopefully have something suitable when I need it too!

I saw this idea on Pinterest some time ago, and the link was for this site. it, thank you! I do try and credit where I get my inspiration from, as I know how much  time and effort goes into creating something unique, and it is disheartening when someone pinches your idea to pass off as their own without even a nod. So here’s my nod 🙂

Ladybird tag tag it Tuesday stampin up uk closed

And this is what it looks like open Tag it Tuesday ladybird tag open stampin up uk