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Ferrero Friday…on Saturday

So I didn’t quite get around to filming this when I should have…so you get a Saturday version instead… and it is just as well it is a quick and easy project as I have filmed…uploaded and blogged all in the last hour!

So I have been busy….with my other job but also doing other creative stuff too… I have like many been playing with my ancient sewing machine….well I know my mum had this machine in 1977….because she made me a very fetching red, white and blue striped seersucker dress for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee (yes I am showing my age) but I have never really been into clothes making….not enough patience! Still necessity meant I have been making masks…and that has led to other little projects too …

like this cute hand sanitiser pod (if you want the pattern go visit Spencer Ogg HERE Diane is a really fab teacher and she has some great quick free projects to get started….I will be buying her accordian wallet pattern next!)

This pod is upsized for a 100ml bottle of sanitiser and has a clip to attach to your handbag/belt loop, the standard size in her video is perfect for the 60ml bottles

I’ve made a couple of ‘packing pods’ too…as hopefully I will be sailing in the Greek Islands in a couple of weeks….COVID permitting of course! In the meantime I am hoping to get back on track so you will still have my usual three posts a week with some fun ideas….. and yes the C word will be featured (Christmas that is!)

Anyway…back to the box – it is really easy to make either using the scoring method or the traditional origami folding…no measuring needed so any square of paper will do. If you are measuring just score at the halfway mark on the two sides and diagonally across the points – I recommend this method if you are using card or heavy paper.

Have a fab weekend – and if you are in the UK enjoy the extra day off for the Bank Holiday

Crafty Hugs

Heidi x

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  1. Hi Heidi
    Sorry to bother you, but I think you have uploaded the same video again and not the one for the Ferrero.

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